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Know your player and know yourself

What the 4 Domains of Play can do for you

# Motivational player profiling, Pleasures of play

Players look for something specific in games based on their personality. Working for a clearly defined audience will help you in your creative choices.

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Ecosystèmes Narratifs

Un nouveau modèle de narration interactive pour le jeu vidéo

# Interactive storytelling, narrative puzzle

How to bring together player's autonomy and a pre-authored plot line? Narrative ecosystems are designed to support emergent but meaningful stories, reactive to the player's interactions with the gameworld.

Game reviews

I joined the budding team of Ludovox critics in early 2015. Our mission was to help readers to recognize out of the multitude the games fit for them, while providing for an easy and pleasant read.

With these goals in mind, I chose to keep my reviews short. I cut on the explanation of game systems in order to focus on the dynamics of play. In order to prevent routine and add extra flavor, I usually write with exotic points-of-view or insert mini-games into the article.

Reviews in French only.

The Edict of King Budeaunia - ça ne coule pas de source !

A game by Sayaka & Takahiro

Rang d'honneur - sauver les enfants... ou pas !

A game by Aurélien Devaux

Love Letter - en amour comme à la guerre

A game by Seiji Kanai

Smallworld - pousse toi de là que je m'y mette !

A game by Philippe Keyaerts

Godz - Black & White aux couleurs spaghetti

A game by Diego Cerreti & Marco Valtriani

Art Moderne - Une histoire de gros sous

A game by Reiner Knizia

Takenoko + Takenoko Chibis - On tient le bambou

A game by Antoine Bauza

Perudo - Bluffera bien qui bluffera le dernier

A game by Alfredo Fernandini & Cosmo Fry

HOPE - l'espoir fait toujours vivre

A game by Olivier Grégoire

Hoyuk - de la casse à la casbah

A game by Pierre Canuet

Hop le j'ton - tombera, tombera pas...

A game by Florent Toscano

Dolorès - Il faut souffrir pour être naufrageur

A game by Bruno Faidutti

Squary Movey - Pas effrayant pour un sous

A game by Aurélien Stride

Saboteur - Quand les sept nains jouent aux dix petits nègres

A game by Frédéric Moyersoen

Quarto - Après vous, très cher...

A game by Blaise Müller

Battlefold - La bagarre en recto-verso

A game by Dave Choi, Yohan Goh

Wall Street - Trustera, trustera pas

A game by The Publishroom

Minuit, Meurtre en Mer - La croisière est morte de rire

A game by Alain Luttringer


From 2005 to 2011, I translated a selection of papers for the PTGPTB webzine (Place To Go, People To Be). Dedicated to good old pen-and-paper roleplaying games, most of these articles discuss their potential as a narrative medium.

The links below lead to the french translation by my hand to these articles. From there, you'll find another link to the original source.

Where Stories end and games begin

by Greg Costykian

Game and story aren't like oil and water. There's a whole continuum linking these extremes together.

Understanding genre in roleplaying

by John H. Kim

Your game's setting isn't enough to define the genre of the way you play. Discuss it with your players...

Reifying genre conventions

by John H. Kim

If you want your players to follow a genre's conventions, then make up a rule about it.

The Threefold Model - FAQ

by John H. Kim

Q&A about the GNS model that splits players into three categories: Game-, Narrative- or Simulation-oriented.

Left or Right?

by Mark J. Young

Does it really matter which door you open? What if the GM's role was to always open the interesting one?

Writing believable Sci-Fi

by Mica Goldstone

Take good care of the internal cohesion of your gameworld if you don't want "Sci-Fi" to become a short for "WTF".

The creeps and how to give them

by  Robin D. Laws

Players aren't used to feel fear like their character should. For that, you may have to take away their dear power fantasy.

Information laundering 101

by Jonny Nexus

How to successfully pass onto your character informations he shouldn't be aware of, but you player are.

Proactive character players and related issues

by John H. Kim

What would happen if players where driving the story, for once?

Gender Disparity in RPGs

by  John H. Kim

Why is the RPG community so dominantly male? 5 hypotheses on the saddle.

The Turku Manifesto

by Mike Phjola

A vision of LARP as aiming at immersion into your character above all else.

The Jeepform dictionnary

collective work

A glossary of technical terms for the practice of Jeepform (Free Form), an hybrid between LARP, improv theatre and flash mob.

The Crunchy Bits #1: Introduction to the Grimmy Nastiness

by Emily Dresner-Thornber

First of a series of papers on writing RPGs. This first opus details the various reasons you may or may not write a game.

The Crunchy Bits #2: "Hell, there are no rules here! We're trying to accomplish something"

by Emily Dresner-Thornber

Square away your ideas before you get bogged down into the creative process: concept, synopsis, plan.

Dare to be stupid!

by Steve Darlington

An homage to the necessary sillyness of players.

Uncertainty and exclusivity

by T.S. Luikart

How to make your characters unique and your magic still worth its salt?

I've only got one life and I must GM!

by Nick Thornburn

Practical advice on how to conciliate an active life with RPGs.

The Character Sheet is not your Friend

by Steve Darlington

Your character sheet holds everything there is to know about your character. Too bad you're the only one reading it.